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12May 2015

How To Plan A House Removal To Belgravia

moving home
Moving out of your house is always an arduous process. Be it a big family with a big home or a single parent living in a small apartment – while performing removals to Belgravia, almost everybody faces the same hectic situation.

Well, here’s a list which can come handy when you plan on organising a house move:

1.    Checklist:

It is always smart move to create a checklist prior to performing house removals to Belgravia, SW1X. You should first write down all the things, which you will need to perform/gather/buy before getting on with the move. For instance, if you are doing it on your own, and not hiring any removal service, you must buy an ample amount of packaging materials. Cardboard boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap (for fragile things) are a must. Create a moving checklist to make sure you do not miss out on anything important.

moving checklist
2.    Segregate the tasks:

Pack all your things separately. Do not pack random things together. Make separate boxes for each category:

•    Clothes
•    Books
•    Stationary
•    Dishware
•    Cutlery
•    Food Items
•    Show pieces
•    Personal essentials (cosmetics, grooming products etc.)
•    Electronics
•    Kids’ toys/games
•    Furniture
•    Other miscellaneous things

moving tasks

Once everything is packed accordingly, mark the boxes with their respective headings (Kitchen, Living room, Bathroom etc.).

It is always a good idea to pack all the fragile items first. Things like your favourite crystal vase from your living room or your precious china cutlery obviously need to be handled with care. You should start with packing all these items first with the required patience and then buckle them up with utmost care. Once you are done with these, you can pack the other stuff at a faster pace.

moving day
3.    The day of the move: Always choose a day which is convenient to you and your family. Make sure your kids are free from school that day and your spouse doesn’t need to go attend some indispensable meeting with an important client. In all cases, weekends are the best days for relocation to the SW1W region. Holidays can also ensure that you have the opportunity to rest comfortably after moving house.

removal company
4.    House removal companies: A house removal company is always the best option to go for if your budget allows you. It is a feasible option keeping in mind that house removals specifically require moving furniture. An experienced hand would definitely be worth it in this case. These guys handle everything from dismantling the heavy furniture, packing it safely to moving it to your new address in SW1X.

man with van
5.    Man and van: If you are a bit tight on your budget and may not want to splurge completely on a removal company, hiring a man with a van baased in Belgravia would be a suitable option for you. But, do make sure to check on the service’s reliability. Their experience might not be the same as that of professional moving companies.

home removals
6.    DIY: In any case, if you feel you can’t choose from either of the two options, it would be a wise decision to do your business on your own i.e. ‘Do it yourself’. Ring a close friend or a family member. Ask them to help you out. If you have furniture at your home that is light and easy to disassemble, you could definitely move your furniture out on your own. If that is not the case, you might face a bit of a difficulty in performing the task all on your own. In that case, you can hire a man and a van for your heavy items and move out your other lighter stuff in your own car. You can have the best of both options this way.

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