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27 January 2016

London Movers

In Search of a London Movers Who Won’t Break The Bank? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

London RelocationsO'connor's Waste Removal are a London moving company, with a peerless track record of speedy deliveries and exemplary customer service, a pristine convoy of moving vehicles and an elite, professional team of movers, drivers and planners. We believe that moving operations – no matter what the purpose or cargo – should be exciting, revitalising events. If you’re moving to a new home or office, it represents revitalization; if you’re shipping items to a storage depot or dump, it represents liberation; if you’re collecting newly purchased items, it represents renewal and reform. However, we understand that for many people, the notion of moving is an overwhelming one – the good news is that we’re at your service! We offer fully inclusive moving services in London, with prices that can fit every budget. Why not call us today on 020 8746 4404 and find out how we can help make your dreams of a stress-free move a reality?

Our many years of experience as London movers have shown us that everyone’s moving needs are diverse. We’ve learned the key to satisfying the varied needs of our customers is to modify and mould our services as much as possible, whenever possible. When planning a move, we take many different factors into account, and put together a personalised package which will ensure you’re satisfied, whilst being as affordable as possible. One of the key ways we rise to the differing challenges of unique sets of needs is operating at times and during periods that other London movers simply won’t or can’t – namely, weekends, after working hours, or even Bank Holidays. We understand how important it is to cause as little disruption as possible to your life with our work, and we’re almost always available to work at a time which suits you. We also work in uninterrupted shifts to ensure we get our job done in one go, and don’t leave you waiting and wanting overnight, or over the course of several days. We have extensive experience working with an eclectic range of individuals, groups and businesses, so chances are we have already successfully taken on jobs similar to that which you require – and, if we haven’t, we love new challenges, and are certain we have the skills to perform our duties capably and professionally!

London Movers UKWe also aim to understand you, your needs, the prospective cargo and its destination as much as possible. After our initial phone contact (during which we will provide you with a quote, completely free of charge), we will dispatch a professionally trained London moving service expert to you to map the environment of your base premises and take an inventory of the items which you wish to move. This gives us an intimate understanding of what’s expected of our moving services, and from there we can formulate a clear strategy for completing your move, and circulate this plan of action amongst the relevant London moving services staff that will be handling your job. They will be open to queries and will assist you in any way they can – from ordering and packing your cargo, to helping you load it into the moving vehicle.

O'connor's Waste Removal are dedicated to making moves as stress-free as possible. We know that moving is not just about lugging items from A to B, and that what matters is a personalised service that’s competitively priced, performed by a company you can truly trust. If you have any kind of moving project on the cards in the near future, give us a call on 020 8746 4404 and you can start planning it immediately with our help!

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