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24 November 2016

Removal Services Acton: Take Advantage of the Different Services they Have to Offer

moving companies
After you’ve signed on the dotted lines for your new dream home
and have found a buyer of your old one (if you’re a home owner), it’s time to turn your mind to the logistics of physically transporting all your belongings. There a plethora of removal services that are available to you – Acton Man with Van services, vehicle self-drive hire, and removal companies. Out of those three, the most hands-on and intensive removal service is that of a removal company.

Removal companies Acton will, for a fee, take care of all your packing needs. Whether you just need transport or you need help loading the van, or you want someone to take care of your packing – whatever your packing needs, removal companies will offer a service that is right for you.

packing services
The most common service taken up by clients of removal service companies is the comprehensive removal service that all good professional moving companies provide. For this service, the W3 removal company will turn up on your door step, come into your home, load all of your furniture and packed up items into the van, drive it to your new residence, and then unload it all again. This means that all you’ll have to do is tackle the packing side of the move. You won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to loading and unloading the van, other than using it to turn the kettle on. This service will cost you anywhere between £50 to £150 an upwards.

comprehensive moving services
If the loading, transport, and unloading service is not enough for you, then most reputable Acton removal services will offer a packing service. This means that you won’t even have to worry about organising, dusting off, and then packing all your things. Moreover, it means you won’t even have to source packing materials – most packing services will provide all the cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap, and masking tape you’ll need to transport your items.

packing boxes
Packing services come in two different forms: full and partial. If you chose the former, you will have everything – absolutely everything – packed and ready to transport for you. But if you chose the latter, the packing men, or women, will only pack what you allocate them to pack. Needless to say, the former service is more expensive than the latter. Where this service really comes in handy is when it comes to packing up fragile items or antiques. Due to their brittle nature, they can be hard to pack in a way that ensures there completely safety. If you leave it to the professionals, there will be a better chance that all your items will be intact when open the box in your new residence.

removal boxes
But even if they do get damaged, the insurance policy that professional removal companies offer you will mean that if anything does, unfortunately, get damaged during the move, you’ll be fully compensated for it. Although you may think your home insurance policy will already cover any damages that may happen during the move, most do not so it is best to get the insurance policy that your removal company offers you, if you so choose to use the service of a removal company.

insurance policy
A further service offered by removal companies, most of them anyway, is self-storage. Self-storage is for those of us that have general items lying around the house, taking up valuable living space. If you chose to use the self-storage service of removal companies, then you could also opt to get them transport it to their storage units for you. Meaning, again, that you won’t have to lift a finger other than to open the door when they arrive.

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