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16Jul 2015

How To Survive A Last Minute Move To Bayswater

Tips for a Last Minute Move To Bayswater

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A move to Bayswater is stressful enough as it is, but it can all be relieved when planning ahead. Sometimes however a move is something that has to happen quickly for whatever circumstances and you may find yourself in a desperate rush. It can also happen that you don’t get the keys for your new place until the last minute so you have to do everything on that one day, try not to panic, it is all possible, just keep your day clear and get as prepared as you can.

Removals And Storage

Sometimes you can’t move things fast enough or you haven’t prepared your new place well enough. You might even want to sell a few items especially if you are moving to a place in Bayswater, W2 that is already furnished. If you simply don’t have to time to get all this decided then you may want to go for the storage option. This is great to bide yourself a bit more time and can make your move feel a bit less frantic again. If you hire a man and van the let him know there may be a couple of trips with maybe a few different stops so that you can put some of your stuff in storage and some in your new place at the same time.

removals and storage
Who To Call

You may not have much time to look into different removal companies in W2 so it’s best to pick one quickly. Hopefully there will be someone who will have last minute availability to help you out but you may need to call around a few different ones first. It’s always worth calling round a few friends as well to see if they happen to be free. Not only will they be a great help to your relocation but they will also help keep you sane.

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Pack Quickly

If you have no choice to pack at break neck speed then make sure you use small boxes for heavy items. Throwing lots of things in quickly will soon add up and you will end up having a box that you can’t lift at all. Keep your large boxes for lighter things such as clothes and cushions and remember to make use of any suitcases, shopping bags and laundry hampers you have. All perfect for throwing things in for that fast pack. If you can get time to label boxes then try to get it done, having a marker handy will help you out. If you get the chance to invest in labels and packing material then make use of the time to get organised and even put a moving checklist together. Pack and overnight bag with a spare outfit for the next day. Chances are for a last minute move you may end up having a long day and getting in late so you will want to just go to sleep rather than search around for your overnight items.

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Inform Your Movers

If whoever is helping you move knows where everything is going then it’s going to happen much faster. Moving professionals in Bayswater should get the job done quickly so they are worth the investment to give you more time to organise your new space. Let them know which items you want where early on, and get everything that’s packed up ready as near to your front door as possible.

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A last minute move to the W2 area is certainly not ideal for any mover, we all want time to organise. But it can be done and the more hands you have to help the better, so now is the time for bribing your friends!

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