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27 January 2016

House Removal

Moving House in London? Then You Need Our House Removal Services!

House Removal ServicesAre you planning to move to London? Do you already live in London and are seeking to move to a new house/apartment/lodgings in a new area? Whilst moving into a new city and/or a new home should be a very exciting event, it can be an overwhelming and even intimidating prospect. There’s quite simply so much you’ll need to plan and prepare before the big day, and then there are logistical worries on the day itself, such as concerns about timing, packing and unpacking. However, you needn’t fret – help is just a phone call away with O'connor's Waste Removal , London’s leading house removal and house moving company. We can help you move the entire contents of your home to a new location, and can do so at highly competitive prices. Why not call us today on 020 8746 4404 for a free quote?

We are proud of our reputation for speedy response times, excellent and friendly customer service. Our house removal services are designed make your move as painless as possible, smooth and secure as possible, and we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction – we constantly seek feedback at every stage of our service, and promise we will do everything we can to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with our efforts!

We combine the low prices of amateur man and van operations with the professionalism, experience and range of the largest mainstream house moving companies, and we can help you with any kind of house move, big or small. Whether you’re moving the entire contents of your home to a new location, or simply have one last, bulky load to transmit, or need certain items delivered to your new address and others placed in storage, we’re sure we can help. We also boast a wide variety of moving vehicles to meet individual requirements, all of which are equipped with GPS to ensure speedy, efficient transit, and all of our drivers are provided with Smartphones so you, and we, can be in constant contact with them, and be sure of their whereabouts whenever necessary.

House Removals LondonOur years of experience in London house moving have taught us that a minimum of stress is synonymous with a comfortable, contented move. One of our greatest assets is our ability to offer comprehensive, bespoke services to our customers, depending on their specific needs. We not only help customers get from A to B, but every step of the way in between. If you commission us to help you with your house move, our first act will be to offer you insight on how to best pack your possessions and schedule your move. Throughout this process, we will also help you compose inventory and process checklists, so you are perpetually conscious of what stage you have reached with your move, what has been packed and what needs to be packed, and where items are at any juncture. Careful planning at the initial stages of your move ensures that the entire operation will be high on efficiency and low on pressure and anxiety! Further to this, we always arrive on-time (we simply won’t be stopped from meeting requirements by breakdowns, traffic or other infrastructure disruptions!).

With the help of O'connor's Waste Removal’s house removal services London, the stresses and strains of moving to a new location are completely minimised – we do the tough work, so you can focus on planning your new life in your new home! We promise to help you as much as possible and achieve your move efficiently, quickly, securely and safely. Give us a call on 020 8746 4404 today, and start planning your hassle-free move with us immediately!

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