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Welcome to the homepage of O'connor's Waste Removal, a professional rubbish removal services company London that have been specialists in every type of London waste removal service for many years, be it house clearance, commercial waste removal or any other clearance service. Our website not only offers an overview of the many clearance services our company offers customers. Our many years of experience have taught us that trusting and friendly relationships between us and our customers are an integral part of successful, stress-free clearance operations, so our site also presents you with an opportunity to get to know us and our company a little better. However, another great way of getting to know us is by giving us a call - simply dial 020 8746 4404 and outline your needs. We will provide you with a comprehensive quote totally free of charge!

We offer a vast assortment of different clearance services and waste recycle services to suit every conceivable customer need/or budget, and a large variety of different vehicles, ranging from standard trucks you might associate with rubbish removal services London, all the way up to big rubbish trucks, meaning no job is too little or too large for us and our clearance staff! There are no limits to our range in London, either - if you live there, we will help you with your house clearance, and irrespective of whether your waste is just a single bag or a whole truck full of rubbish, we will help you dispose of it. Quite simply, we're a one-stop clearance company for people needing clearance services in London! Our modern and meticulously maintained fleet of rubbish vehicles is the largest of any London clearance company, and our waste collectors are all professionally trained and certified, with many years of experience in efficient, hassle-free waste removals. Every vehicle in our clearance fleet is also equipped with GPS to bolster the extensive knowledge of London streets and UK roads shared by all of our driving team, to ensure that we are never late for the clearance appointment.

Best Clearance Services in London

We know how important it is for customers to shop around and compare prices before they choose someone to provide their London clearance services or London house clearance services, which is why we offer totally free of charge quotes for all of our waste disposal services, which come replete with a no obligation clause - you quite simply don't have to take us up on our offer if you don't want to. However, we're very confident that you will search high and low but will not find a London clearance company that boasts such extensive experience, such competitive prices and such friendly and helpful customer service! When you call us, you can give us a detailed plan of action, or merely the bare essentials such as type and amount of items you wish to get disposed of, and we in return will provide you with a comprehensive strategy for achieving all your goals.

O'connor's Waste Removal

One of our greatest strengths, we feel, is our willingness to go the extra mile to give our customers a helping hand - and we're not just talking in terms of literal distance! We understand that clearance can be a very stressful prospect, and can be a highly strenuous and taxing process if you try to do it alone - or use an unprofessional, budget clearance service. We aim to help people every step of the way, and to make clearance and recycling as painless a procedure as possible. We start by offering you expert advice on organising your loads straight off the bat - we can even give you advice during your initial call to us, free of charge! This helps to make the preliminary planning process a pushover, and allows you to focus on other concerns from the word go. On top of our free and incisive clearance tips, we also help you compile and maintain clearance checklists, so you can constantly keep a clear conception of what needs to be thrown away and the things that need to be kept safe during the clearance.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality clearance services in London at highly competitive prices. We believe we charge only a little more, if not as much, for a comprehensive clearance service as you might spend on truck rental and materials yourself if you were to attempt the clearance independently - and with our help, the gruelling toil and stressful exertion associated with handling, carrying and disposing of loads is totally removed. Furthermore, even if other smaller rubbish removal companies may, if pressed, be able to beat our prices, it is important to remember that low prices rarely equate to good value in the long-run. If you're looking for the most practical choice for any kind clearance/or if you value your time highly, it makes sense to put them in the care of a clearance company you can totally trust, who will go to great lengths to ensure that everything is done quickly and properly. We guarantee you will not enjoy the same level of care and attention if you employ a smaller scale London clearance company to handle your clearance or recycle requirements, and also guarantee you will not enjoy the same peace of mind either!

In brief, we are London's leading company for waste recycle services, rubbish disposal services, rubbish removals, junk removals, waste removals, junk clearance services and almost every type of clearance service London. We are committed to providing the best quality, and best value, clearance services we can, and constantly strive to improve our services - being friendly and approachable makes it all the easier for our customers to recommend improvements to our services. We believe that clearance should be an exciting and revitalising process, and do our best take every stress and hassle out of your house clearance. Why not call us today on 020 8746 4404, and see how we can help make your clearance experience a joy?

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Our Testimonials
Emilee I. 30/04/2020
These guys have excellent customer service. They were so friendly over the phone. The rubbish removal crew arrived in the time frame scheduled. And when they arrived, they were so nice.
Katherine P. 28/08/2020
O'connor's Waste Removal is amazing! Amazing customer service! They were reliable, timely, and so nice! Will recommend to anyone needing rubbish removal services.
Brittany P. 26/03/2020
They honoured the price that was originally quoted even though it was more stuff hauled. They also cleaned after so the shed that previously was a train wreck is clear of junk.
Zach M. 25/06/2020
The rubbish removal crew came out on a Sunday to clean up a bunch of rubbish lying around the yard from spring cleaning at our home. Both gentlemen were very professional and upfront. I love the honesty and integrity of these guys. Very nice and good to talk with while they worked.
Amy M. 24/02/2021
The rubbish removal team sent by O'connor's Waste Removal was so amazing. They seriously went above and beyond what I expected. They probably would have cleaned my house if I would have let them.
Bryan M. 21/10/2020
Easy to work with, genuinely polite and friendly, fast and efficient. I'm so glad that a company like O'connor's Waste Removal exists to make the remodel haul off a seamless process. Will recommend to everyone that I know.
Denise M. 20/04/2020
O'connor's Waste Removal and their entire team were amazing. They helped us clean out our office, and it went so smoothly. They were all so friendly and helpful. They acted like a true team that loves their job.
Tiffany B. 20/02/2020
O'connor's Waste Removal did such a great job removing our waste! They are polite, friendly and helpful. They helped to remove the old fridges, the heavy desk, and much more. They even removed the old metal pipes in the backyard. They did an amazing job, and we recommend them to anyone.
Christina P. 20/01/2021
They were very prompt, polite, and helpful in giving me information and a quote for potential work that I was planning to complete in the future. They were also very generous in price, matching the cost of recycling a small appliance. Thanks for the great experience!
Laura R. 19/11/2020
The rubbish removal crew that came to our home was so professional, helpful, and accomplished! They walked me through the whole process in a kind and patient way.
Shaylee S. 19/05/2020
O'connor's Waste Removal was so awesome to work with! I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to get rid of unneeded items in their home.
Spencer B. 17/07/2020
The rubbish removal guys with O'connor's Waste Removal were fast, quick and efficient. They showed up after just 20 minutes of me, doing an online appointment request.
Kim C. 16/01/2020
We just moved into our new home, and the previous owner left a lot of junk. Glad to have a rubbish removal service like this!
Ashley L. 11/05/2020
They were so nice, efficient, and willing to meet at a reasonable price. Thank you!! I will be giving them a call next time I need something removed.
Brad V. 10/09/2020
I can't say enough positive things about his rubbish removal service! They were so polite and worked efficiently. I will use it again in the future!
Jennifer M. 09/12/2020
O'connor's Waste Removal was very polite and professional. They explained the pricing upfront, confirmed a couple of items before loading them and kept the area neat during the junk removal process.
Ryan S. 09/06/2020
I needed some help in clearing and donating unused furniture and household goods. The team from O'connor's Waste Removal arrived at the start of the time window, pricing was simple, and the entire job was done in around an hour. The whole process seemed less and super friendly.
Paul W. 08/03/2021
They seriously went above and beyond what I expected. I will, for sure, use this rubbish removal service again in the future for my place.
Jacob C. 05/08/2020
This rubbish removal service is amazing! We called for a quote. They showed up on time and are very professional. We walked around, and I showed them what we needed to be removed.
Tamara C. 02/03/2020
These guys are amazing. The price is unbelievable I don't know why anyone would use any other builders waste clearance company. Kudos to this company, Thanks!

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