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Central London Rubbish Removal Company - We take the right recycling of your items very seriously

Waste Removal Central London.

O'Connor's Waste Removal deals in a wide range of junk removal services in Central London, dealing with office clearance and house clearance for all manner of customers. Whether you are needing junk clearance in your business premises or clearing out a new town house, our waste removal company can take you through the whole process and deal with all the hard bits from start to finish. If you call us on Call Now! we’ll give you a free quote and tell you about our fantastic rubbish disposal services.

Rubbish clearance in Central London is quite hard to do without the right waste removal company helping you. The city is filled with busy shopping streets, businesses and famous attractions, but our junk collectors have seen it all and done it all and we can advise you best on how to pull off a quick and easy waste disposal. Our team likes to plan ahead and we will draw up a checklist and a series of action points before we even arrive, agreeing it with you so that you know what is happening and when. We take the right recycling of your items very seriously which is why our waste removal truck will always be manned whilst it is being loaded.

O'Connor's Waste Removal’s rubbish disposal services always benefit people who don’t have the time or resources to get everything properly prepared and our waste removal team will come to you with containers and plastic bags before the junk clearance day to help you accomplish this. We can do the preparing of the rubbish for you if you need us to, and extra care is taken to ensure that everything is safely organised into the right recycling categories.

As waste recycle in Central London sometimes necessitates some recycling, call Call Now! to arrange waste recycle services and we will help you with all of the details. Our junk removal team will be more than happy to help you get everything ready, take it all to the right recycling plants and giving you the best service.

Central London is not just a great location to live in, it’s fantastic for business and the many commercial units available in the city are close to some of England’s most fashionable shops, restaurants and entertainment venues including Oxford Street, Leicester Square and Trafalgar. You’ll also be very close to Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace and moving away from the world of politics and into the realms of history, beautiful and world-famous sites such as Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London and the London Eye.

The River Thames is bursting with character and iconic bridges but it’s a lovely place for a nice stroll and with Oxford Street only around the corner, and the quirky Covent Garden, you’ll never run out of leisure activities to undertake, or shops to go and have a look round. Central London is of course awash with tube links and railway stations, so getting in and out of the area is very handy.

Not only are our waste removals practical, well planned and highly useful to any customers, but they are amongst the cheapest junk removals London customers can find.

Rubbish Disposal Services
Waste Removals Central London.

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Our Testimonials

S. Pietersen 2022/08/30
Hiring them for house clearance help proved to be a very good decision. I was getting rid of an awful lot. I was hoping they'd be able to handle everything so that they wouldn't have to come and go. They got it all cleared within half an hour.
Brendon A. 2022/08/27
The house clearance team this company sent over to Central London worked their socks off for me. They worked nonstop. I thought the clearance would take an age. They had the whole house cleared so incredibly quickly.
Hannah S. 2022/08/24
I needed their house clearance help. There was no way I'd be able to do everything myself. I'd tried a bit and failed. Hiring their help didn't cost a lot. And it got everything cleared incredibly quickly. I'd thoroughly recommend O'Connor's Waste Removal.
L. Broad 2022/08/21
The house clearance service was desperately needed. I was thrilled to bits when they said they'd be able to come around and carry out the clearance so quickly. I'd recommend O'Connor's Waste Removal to anyone in need.

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