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30Apr 2015

Moving Home To Clapham Soon? Check Your Movers Before Hiring Them!

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Moving home to Clapham is a tough job, what with all of the jobs and preparations that need to be taken care of. It's not a task that should be taken lightly, so it makes sense to get in touch with the professionals, see if they can make your house removal any easier.

A good removal company local to the SW4 can add a lot to a move. As long as they provide a solid service, they'll help take care of all of the heavy lifting, loading and packing jobs whilst offering excellent customer service. The ones that are really worth your time are the ones who go the extra mile. The ones who will provide all of those services, but will put in more than the minimum amount of effort. The ones that will handle all your furniture and belongings with extra care. These are the removal services that you want.

Removal services in general aren't strictly necessary to the process, but they make things a heck of lot easier. They'll help transform a normally stressful and exhausting process into one where you can relax. So how do you go about finding a Clapham based removals package that's within budget and worth your time? Have a look at this guide:

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Step 1: Ask around for advice and recommendations

The simplest way to find a company or service that you can trust is to ask people you trust for advice. If you know anyone who's has a removal in London within recent memory, ask them about it. Did the company they hire live up to their expectations? Did they have a good moving experience? If so, that's usually a good starting point for a business relationship.

A similar method to asking around, (albeit less personal) is to search the web. Simply type in 'removal reviews in Clapham', and look for a review website. You can use their opinions to form your own shortlist of options.

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Step 2: Check each company's credentials and service range

Got a shortlist of SW4 and SW11 movers? Now let's cut it down a bit. Dig a bit deeper, see if these companies offer the services that you want, at a price that you agree with. Also double check those review sites, see how each company presents themselves. Making sure that your movers are a good fit for you is probably the most important part, so have a good look.

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Step 3: Get in touch with them

Now it's time to engage them on the phone. Give each removal company a call, and ask them for a cost estimate. Make sure you have the rough details about your move size and distance before you call, of course. Then, ask them if they can guarantee that the estimate they provide is accurate. Companies have a knack of leaving certain expenses out of their estimate like fuel and maintenance costs, so be sure they're being completely honest. The last thing that you want at the end of a move is a bill that's way higher than you were expecting.

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And that's all there is to it. Just spend a little bit of time researching before hiring a mover, and you'll save yourself a few potential hardships. Being one hundred percent clear on what's happening at every turn is a great way to guarantee success – so stay prepared!

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