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30Mar 2015

The Best Ever Moving Tips to Use in Swiss Cottage

moving tips
Let’s face it, a move in Swiss Cottage is just a move and you get it done anyway you can. Throw things in boxes at the last minute and panic when you don’t receive any of your mail. However it doesn’t always have to be a frantic mess of kitchenware and floppy duvets. A move can be an organized and smooth process if you just know some of the tips to help you get along.

removal boxes
-    Don’t buy boxes. The extra expenses of buying loads of boxes are usually unnecessary. Look into what you might already have such as suitcases, laundry bins, storage boxes and baskets lying around. You can transport all the stuff to your new home in Swiss Cottage, NW3 in drawers as they are, if you are doing furniture removals then there is no reason why you should unpack your clothes. You can use wrap or cling film to keep drawers closed and wrap your clothes on hangers in bin bags to prevent them from falling around. Use elastic bands to keep the hangers from falling off in the move.

packing clothes
-    Vacuum seal any stored clothes. There are some great designs out there now for storing clothes that are not in season or not being used as much. These are also a great way of transporting your clothes, towels and duvets when you move. They save space and are easy to transport, if you are hiring a man and van then it its perfect to lower the bulk of your items.

-    Give friends the pick of what you’re getting rid of. Of course there is an ulterior motive here, but if your friends have been after a particular furniture item or piece of clothing then let them have it off you, as you were going to get rid of it anyway. Just ask them to help you with your move instead. You will save money on hiring professional movers to help or maybe they will offer to split the cost of man and van hire if they need to transport bulky items too.

bathroom cleaning
-    Clean your bathroom and kitchen. It’s a good idea to get these cleaned professionally or give them a wipe down before moving your stuff in. Unpacking will be much faster that way and there is nothing like a fresh start. Make sure you have all the drawers ready to put utensils and dishes in. Elastic bands are your friend when moving so you may want to buy a pack from your local stationery store. Use them to keep forks with forks, knives with knives and so on.

packing boxes
-    Have an essentials box. Pack a box and write essentials on it with big letters. This is going to be really helpful for your relocation on your arrival. Your box will need to contain things like toilet roll, bin bags, scissors to open any boxes or items you have wrapped tightly. A toothbrush and your laptop for music or movies while you unpack, or to keep close to you while you are moving. It’s also handy to have an overnight bag with you too, you may need an easy to reach change of clothes for the morning, especially if you are headed straight to work.

packing materials
-    Protection. For furniture removals in Swiss Cottage you will need to buy a big roll of wrap to protect things during the move. For small removals such as toiletries and glassware, try cling film over shampoo bottles to prevent leaking and put your cups and glasses in your socks, this way you are moving your socks and kitchen items as the same time, all while saving money on bubble wrap.

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