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24 November 2016

Things to Do before you Move House

moving home
Lots of people make arrangements on what to do after they move house, however people often don’t make a list on what is to be done before they vacate the premises they are actually living in. It is important to create this moving checklist as it helps you move into your new place with relative ease and peace. Small removals are simple however. Below are some quick tips to be able to help you make this transition without having to worry about the fact that you have left something behind or worse, have the added stress of doing it all when you have moved which is tricky because you will be very tired.

•    Tell your bank, insurance company, credit card provides, chosen charities, and building society that you are moving house at least a month in advance. Your financial information is very sensitive and it is in your best interest to inform all these important institutions before you move.

inform institutions
•    Inform DVLA, Inland Revenue as well as TV licencing about your new place, about two weeks in advance. Request all new mail is sent to your to-be address. Having your car documents, your tax documents as well as your TV licence sent to the right address is important, as you can be fined charges and penalties unnecessarily without you knowing anything, that can cause more problems for you in the long run.

tax information
•    Online shopping. Update any of your eCommerce carts on places such as Amazon, eBay and any other places that you shop online. So many people have lost their goods that they ordered online simply because before their move, they forgot to update their new address and lost both valuable time, money as well as the goods they ordered. Contact these online retailers and inquire how long of a notice that you need to give in for your address change.

online shopping
•    Call all your utility companies a month in advance and let them know the day that you will be moving out, so that they can come and take a final meter reading on whatever service they are supplying you, be it gas, electricity, phoneline/broadband or water. One of the most annoying things to happen is when you have moved house comfortably and suddenly realised that you have a bill that is still attached to your previous address that you moved from and because of the mis-hap, you are forced to pay something you never used.

utility companies
•    Tell your doctor, your dentist and your optician that you will be moving house and if you will be registering with new service providers.

•    Order boxes and packing materials in advance, so that you are fully prepared for your packing. The last thing you need is that you have sorted out everything to move and then you panic and try and shop for boxes and bubble wrap. When you have everything sorted out, you often relax much better knowing everything is taken care of.

moving boxes
•    Collect all the keys to your current house from people including neighbours, a nanny and any relatives and pass them onto your solicitor or estate agent.

collect spare keys
Having these few tips handy to when you move house, will save you a lot of worth in wasted time and money. Removals in London are the easy and fast way to be able to book before you move house. Relocation is already stressful enough as it is, do not make it anymore harder for yourself!

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