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20 November 2020

Getting To Grips With Man And Van Services

Tips to hire best Man and Van Services

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Man and van services can be a great way of getting a smaller move done on a budget
that may not allow for a larger removals service. When you are looking into booking a man and van service, you will often find that there are varying sizes and types of man and van service, which will mean that there is a firm out there to suit everyone’s needs. Moving will always be a difficult time for anyone, but having the right removals service on board will make your life a lot easier, whatever your move is like. For a smaller move, a man and van is often the perfect solution, as you will not need a great deal of help, and will not want to pay for a team of removals men that you aren’t necessarily in need of. With this in mind, you should think carefully about what you do need from your man and vans service, to ensure that you are not paying too much, nor booking too little on your move.

removal services
There are many different man and van services across the country, and they are all individual in their own way. You will find that the more visible services will be more expensive, but will offer more options, like extra hands, larger vans, insurance and higher availability, whilst the less obvious man and vans services may just be a bloke who happens to have a van and is looking to make a bit of extra cash, meaning less useful hours of availability, but lower prices. These are the two ends of the man and van spectrum, and there will be a service that caters for everything between, so you should be able to find a service for your move, no matter what your needs, job size or budget may be. With this in mind, you should think carefully about what you do need, and be realistic about the amount of help that you need, as opposed to what you would prefer pay for. We all have a strict budget for such jobs, but if it’s going to affect how you go about doing things in terms of safety and workload, then you need to be careful. Injuries associated with lifting heavy furniture and boxes can be painful and long lasting, so it is worth paying a bit extra if you feel that you need a little extra help. If money is an issue, then get few friends involved and offer them a home cooked meal at the new place by way of thanks and payment. Have them look over some safety instructions for lifting larger things so that you do not have them hurting themselves, and take things slowly, as rushing can result in nasty breakages, damage and injury, which will be expensive to repair, which is exactly that which you were trying to avoid right?

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You will find that different companies offer different methods of charging, which usually revolve around a fixed price for the job, or a price per hour. You will usually find that the price per hour is a lot cheaper than an overall fee, but the hourly rate will offer no insurance against unforeseen incidents like traffic, accidents or repeated trips. For this reason you should be very aware of the size of the job if you are going to go down this route, as it can become expensive if you are not well clued up.

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