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29Jul 2015

Tips For Presenting Your Living Room In Marylebone To Buyers

How to Present Your Home for Sale in Marylebone

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If you’re moving house, you may also be looking to sell your current place in Marylebone.
If you’re persistent enough, almost any property will sell eventually, however if the whole process of your relocation hinges on selling your property, you may have to be a little more proactive with selling your house. Your house’s living room can have a massive effect on how long it will take you to find a buyer. The living room is where the whole household meets most often to watch TV, play games and open Christmas presents; it’s more or less the heart of the home. With this in mind, here a few important things to consider when looking for a sale, which should make the stressful period of moving house run much smoother.

The first thing to consider is the state of your suite in NW1. Cast your mind back to when you were first browsing the property market, and put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes. You may have blacklisted any living rooms with an old, deflated-looking sofa covered in repulsive upholstery. Most people, when moving home, plan big changes like a new sofa for after the house removals, but any professional decorator or estate agent will urge you to do this before your current property in Marylebone, W1 goes on the market. If the living room is the heart of the home, then the sofa is the heart of the heart of the home. It’s likely to take up the most space in the room, and can have a massive impact on what the buyer thinks when he or she checks out your property.

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Your carpet is another big thing to consider when presenting your lounge leading up to your planned house relocation. You may have bought your current property with a carpet in one distinct shade, which has changed so slowly to a bland, lifeless grey that you barely noticed it at all. While this may hardly ever cross your mind, people looking for a new house in Marylebone will be meticulously going over every detail available to them. You may end up having to send out for a professional carpet cleaning service, or even replacing the whole thing, to maximise your chances for a fast and easy sale.

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Taking a long hard look at the walls of your lounge is another step many people neglect in the process of moving house. You need to present any potential buyer with an attractive, neutral decor, so keep in mind that mounted swords or African tribal masks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Choose and then implement a plain, modern colour scheme, focussing on shades of brown, white and grey, with a few art pieces for accent. Subtle wooden decorations and furniture with a natural, unrefined look are also extremely popular amongst home stagers these days, especially in the living room.

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If you’re marketing your home in NW1 yourself online, be sure to make the lighting in any pictures as clear and welcoming as possible. This can have a surprisingly big effect on how fast you can pin down a sale. Table lamps can inspire a cosy feeling in almost anyone. If you have any overhead lighting in your living room, it’s best to leave this turned off when you come to taking the pictures, as these can sometimes make the room look garish and oversaturated with light. You want to go for the calm glow of an open fire, spreading far but not too far over the carpet and furniture. If you’re unsure of how to balance the light to shadow ratio, browse some pictures online, select a couple of living rooms you’d most like to come home to, then toy around with your lighting until you get close enough.

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